Ridgelines & Waterfalls: The Manoa Valley Community

What used to be the first sugarcane and coffee plantations on the Hawaiian Islands is now a florishing, lush green residential neighborhood. Adorned by the Koolau ridgeline and bustling Manoa Falls on the perimeters of the neighborhood, homes in the valley are very classy with traditional, colonial architecture.

Split into four subdivisions: Lower Manoa, Upper Manoa, Woodlawn, and Manoa - residents can choose from a variety of landscapes as you journey up the mountain and deeper into the valley. A true community, Manoa hosts some of the most long-standing restaurants on island, Andy's, and arguably the most sought after poke on the island, Off the Hook. In addition to the stellar eateries, visitors can also expect to encoutner a vibrant college community at the University of Hawaii: Manoa campus and a stunning Buddhist temple, Koganji.

If you're looking to get a better picture of what the Manoa Valley community looks like, take a moment to check out our neighborhood feature Tik Toks!

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